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Address by the President-Elect, Mr. Dilip Mehrotra


Mr. C.V Subba  Rao, President, Mr Rajeev Nayyer, Vice President,   Mr V.K. Jain, Honorary General Secretary, Mr Uday Purohit, Editor of MER, Honourable Members of the Governing Council, Past Presidents, Chairmen, office bearers and staff of the Branches and Chapters, distinguished members.
I would like to thank all the members of the Institute of Marine Engineers (I) for considering me to discharge the duties of the President of this prestigious Institute, it is such an honour to be elected as your next President. I am indeed privileged and grateful for the same.
I am humbled that you have placed your faith and trust in me. This is a responsibility that I endeavour to work with utmost transparency and dedication. I am very grateful for the overwhelming support, and I will be making your priorities my priorities and in working with you, I hope to carry forward the good work done by our Past Presidents and members over the past several years for building the IME(I).
Dear Members, this moment marks the start of a new term for the elected office-bearers, and I promise I will do everything in my capacity to make my time as President a successful one.
We are, as fellow marine engineers, part of a close knit professional circle within the larger Shipping industry and the wider professional network of Engineers. The IME(I) thus plays a very critical role in positioning and maintaining our community of Marine Engineer's reputation. This is achieved by following IME(I)'s vision of "Promoting Knowledge and Building Relationships ".
As we start this new term, I am keen to highlight the key points that will enable us to write a successful conclusion. My strongly held belief of “WORKING TOGETHER” the IME(I)’s moto during my campaign  will be what will drive us forward and I am committed to working hard to achieve the aims and promises made.
The Promises:
provide prudent leadership, and effective and constructive stimulus to the organization
increase the members involvement in the institute activities and especially the younger generation into the fold and into decision making process
The success of IME(I) stems from the work of the various Committees; as such formation of various Committees shall be  given utmost importance and needs to be formed in consultation with the Governing Council, and from the esteemed members.
For me, this election is not over at this point. Our journey has just begun. I therefore wish to share with you some of my thoughts on the challenges facing the Institute in the coming years and, in particular, how we aim to improve the delivery mechanism in the Institute to handle our ever-increasing workload as we seek to address newly emerging priorities.
I would like to introduce Action Plan for the institute which will have Strategic Directions, Planned Actions, Performance Indicators and Achievement Status, which will be reviewed during each Governing Council meetings.  
Some of the key issues and priorities shall be:
1.    Introduce e-voting- During my campaign I tried getting in touch with the members, but what I realised that in some  cases e mail ids were not correct. I understand that during the last two years lot of work has been done to have the latest contact details,  but we need to look as to how to have the right contact details of all the members, if we have to go for the e voting.   Why e voting - e voting will simplify the election process and we will endeavour to achieve this in our current term, subject to members updating their contacts and emails ids.
2.     E- learning-  Now more focus is on e - examination by the Administration for the Competency examination, accordingly IME(I) needs to introduce in the curriculum  to guide the young marine engineers.
3.      Wider global approach – To involve members who are residing outside India for achieving the desired vision of interchange of ideas , explore the possibility of getting consultative status of international organization.
4.      Engagement with the Maritime Administration with regard to    Examination   and   certification
5. Interaction with the Maritime Institutes- for furtherance of education in Marine field.
Lastly, I would like to thank my family and friends for their unending support, my fraternity brothers for their encouragement, Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.
I am fortunate to have Mr V.K. Jain as my Vice President and I look forward to working with him along with the present Editor Mr Uday Purohit who will take over as Honorary General Secretary of the Institute. As an Editor he has put in lot of efforts to improve the MER.
I would like to complement our President Mr Subba Rao, for the untiring work he and his team Rajeev and Vijendra have put in, and especially for his concern for the young Marine Engineers, which I would also like to continue.
As I conclude, I would like to congratulate Mr V.K. Jain, Mr Uday Purohit and all the newly elected office bearers and Governing Council members.
I wish the members and their families a very happy festive season.

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