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Address by the President Mr Dilip Mehrotra

33Rd AGM Address Of The President DSC 0883

On behalf of the Governing Council, I am pleased to welcome you to the 33rd Annual General Meeting of our Institute of Marine Engineers (I). This annual meeting is an important event of the Institute as it is primarily meant to conduct the business for the consideration of the accounts, balance sheet, reports of the Council, appointments of Auditors and any other matter which the members may like to bring up during the meeting. I am thankful to you all for sparing your valuable time, and be with us this evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen, one year has gone by, and it’s my duty as the President to give the account of the happenings of the last one year. Last one year has been a challenging year, and at the same time satisfying and enjoyable period.  

Ladies and Gentlemen one of IME’s key roles is to establish and elevate the professional status of marine engineers and this we have been doing from the inception. As such, on behalf of the IME, I would like to thank all our past Presidents, office bearers and members for laying down such a strong foundation for the IME and building it into a premier institution. I am striving to emulate their commitment and passion, and carry the baton for IME as it completes 39 years, from the time it was first registered as a Society. It is my goal to continue to embrace the key values you all have laid down and extend even greater relevance and value-add to our members, the marine engineering community, the Government  and the industry.


BeforeI proceed further, I would like to congratulate Mr. M. V. Ramamurthy, our senior member for being awarded rare distinction of Hon. Fellowship of Company of Master Mariners of India.


Ms. Suneeti Bala, Exemplary Woman of Substance 2016 by the Sailor Today one of the few Indian lady and member of IME to have reached the rank of Chief Engineer in the Merchant Navy.


Dr K.A.Simon, recipient of award for outstanding contribution to maritime education and training, during the National Maritime Day Celebration.at Mumbai.


Mr Chirag Bahri, recipient of Dr. Dierk Lindeman, Welfare Personality of the year award.


Mr Sanjeev Vakil, CEO , HIMT awarded fellowship from Nautical Institute, UK.


I would also like to congratulate Mr. U.S. Kalgardi, Mr. K.Seetaraman and Mr.  Kunal Sharma winners of the H.S. Memorial award for the year 2015-16 for their paper on “Energy Efficiency – Can it be a key driver for the offshore sector” published in the month of August, 2015.


I am pleased to inform that GC has decided to honor members for their contribution to the IME (I), guidelines are being worked out.




The growth of any institution is related to the members and their participation in the activities.  Graduate Membership has increased this year as compared to the last year. This is because of the initiative taken to convert student members to Graduate members on completion of their training.


Our focus should be to expand our membership growth and involvement of members in the institute activities. IME should also look at softer aspects such as nurturing enterprising young engineers, promoting the importance of safety, health and environmental consciousness among the marine engineering community.  




The financial position of our institute remains to be good. The total assets at the end of financial year 2015-16 stand at Rs. 191.7   lakhs  with Rs.22.00 lakhs surplus..


Scholarships and financial support


The Institute continues to grant financial assistance to marine engineering students, Rs. 25000/- each given to 11 students during the current year.  


Promoting Research Activities under the agesis of IME(I) and allocation of funds for the same:


It was decided that the Institute, will sponsor research activities in the Marine Engineering by its members. A budget of Rs. 20 lakhs per year has been allocated for the same. This sponsorship is also available to the students. All Maritime Institutes have been informed, however during the last one year; the institute has not received any application.


Training and examination


With the STCW 78 as amended in 2010 coming into force from 1st January, 2017, the training center has obtained approval for the NCV courses and have applied to the Directorate General of Shipping for  the new NCV Course.


MEO Class I preparatory course was developed and submitted for approval in  December  2014. However, as simulator being part of the course, the Institute installed a Combustion Simulator which is approved by DNV-GL. The final inspection for approval was carried out this month. Once, the approval is granted by the DirectorateGeneral of Shipping (DGS), the institute will start conducting the course. I am hopeful, that in future, the Institute will install a Full Mission Simulator.  


Goa Branch has also been approved to conduct MEO Class 2 preparatory course, classes will start once minimum no. of candidates enroll for the same.  


Functioning of the Facilitation Centre has been centralized with Controller of Certification Mr Manteshwar Kumar being the coordinator for all the centers.  SMS facilities to the candidates have been started, and now it is in the process of being repeated in the all FC centers.

It has been decided that seminars/workshop will be conducted once in a month, at HO in marine related specialized subject which is useful for all faculty of the Maritime Training Institutes. Mr NMC Nair, Chairman of the Carrier Development committee has taken keen interest and first such session took place this morning.


The GC also approved that the faculty may be encouraged to update their proficiency, and for doing so they may be allowed to sail on ships in between their term of appointment.


During the 73rd GC, the need /requirement for filling up the vacant post of Dy. Director training was discussed. The Institute is in the process of selecting the right candidate. In the month of July, Mr. N. Mathur Director (Training) had requested to be relieved by 31st August, 2016. As such, we have advertised for the post, and at present Mr A. Kar, Dy.Director has been given additional charge of Director (Training).


As desired by the DGS to have the NCV written examination as computer based examination,  a trial tab based examination  was conducted on 31st December 2015 in the IME(I) premises. All grades of MEO NCV students appeared for one subject i.e EK General. Subsequently the DGS approved the tab examination for Deck side students. The proposal was put up to MTT through the DGS and the proposal including financial implication was accepted.


I am pleased to inform that as desired by the DGS, Tab Based examination system was validated by the Professors of the IIT, Mumbai and they have approved the technical and financial aspects of the project.


Participation in Global Maritime India Summit 2016 


On 14 April 2016 Honorable Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari launched the Tab based examination from Goregaon exhibition ground at the Maritime India Summit.


I would like to congratulate Mr Rajeev Nayyar and his team for successfully executing the task in a short time and also the HO for giving full support.




The World Maritime Technical Conference 2015 was attended by the President & Mr Ranjeet Singh, CEO Essar Shipping  at Rhode Island USA  from 3rd  to 7th NOV, 2015. WMTC  2015 was held under the chair of Society of Naval architect and Marine Engineers ( SNAME). Mr Ranjeet chaired two technical sessions. Discussions were also held with the President of the IMarEST, explored areas of co-operation and engagement between the two societies.  He is scheduled to visit Mumbai in November , 2016 and we look forward for an interactive session with him. Also, attended the WMTC meeting held at London on 17th March, 2016, to discuss the progress towards WMTC 17 in Shanghai.

IMarEST is providing free student membership, student members will have access to library, digital access to journals and  access to online working group.


Next WMTC will be held in Shanghai and will take place in Decembe 2017, Students as well as members of IME are advised to submit their Technical papers for WMTC Shanghai.






Branch Activities


I would like to compliment the Chairmen of different branches and Chapters for their continued work for the institute.


IME(I) Building

We all remember the Monday the 27th of September 1999, with a sense of pride as the day on which the Institute’s Headquarters building complex at Nerul, was officially inaugurated by His Excellency the Governor of Maharashtra Dr P. C. Alexander, in the presence of the dignitaries. Now, I am pleased to inform that the permission from NMMC for the extension of existing institute building along with the  NOC from the NMMC, CIDCO  and other statutory bodies have been obtained. The Building and Facilities Sub-Committee along with Mr Uday Purohit, HGS are working on the same, so as to start the construction at the earliest. I would like to congratulate the Chairman Mr Sanjeev Ogale and his team and Mr Uday Purohit for the good progress made, and I am sure that the extension of the building will help the institute to grow further in achieving the Vision.


As you may be aware that ground floor class room was converted to Library, and the original library was converted into four classrooms for new additional courses. i.e simulator room, two classrooms and a faculty room.  On 26th April 2016 inspection of DGS was carried out and infrastructures were cleared along with various NCV courses.


With respect to the IME(I) Kochi, I am pleased to inform that the branch has shifted to a rented place, and are working to dispose of the existing property. I would like to thank Mr NMC Nair, Chairman, Kochi branch for resolving the long pending issue.


Proposal of using the space of AndhraUniversity, College of Engineering at Vishakaptnam, for IME(I) office was discussed and GC had  approved the same. I  congratulate  Mr Amit Bhatnagar, Chairman and his team, who have signed an MoU for 99 years, wherein Andhra University agrees to provide space of approximately 5000 (Five thousand) square feet, on first floor of Marine Engineering Department for setting up an Examination Center of ‘IME(I)’. Also, a roomhas been providedfor office.

The Delhi branch of the IME(I) now has an office on rent, and the facilitation centre is functioning from the same office.

Due to the increase in the volume of work of the facilitation center, the Chennai branch will be shortly shifting its office and facilitation centre to the Seaferes Club.


Key Performance Indicator has been introduced for each employee of the Institute. Salary revisions, in future, will be based on quarterly performance reviews. This is towards creating a fair and transparent reward and recognition system.  


As our scope of work is increasing, and office bearers are also engaged as professionals in their respective fields/organization it is felt that the institute needs a full time administrator. During the last GC, matter regarding filling up the post of General Manager was discussed, opinion of  senior members of the institute was taken, and we have now advertised for the post of General Manager.


Collaboration with the Maritime Administration

Apart from taking part as an external examiner in the orals, our members through their parent organization  are  contributing during the various meetings held at the Directorate either related to STCW,  MEPC, amendment of the MS Act, etc.

As advised by the Directorate, tracking mechanism of the students for their placement and career progression who have completed their shore training, till MEO Class IV Part B examination has been made operational. These students are required to update their pre sea training record, prior to issuance of on board Training and Assessment record book. During the last 18 months, more than 1500 trainees database is available; similarly it has been started for the Electrical Technical Officers.

I would like to thank the Administration for giving us the opportunity and recognizing our potential to provide assistance in various areas.

Publication and IME Website

As you all are aware that the role of the Editor is very demanding, and the institute had earlier appointed a sub-editor who was assisting the editorial board, from last one year the post is lying vacant. Due to the paucity of articles worthy of printing in the MER, it was also suggested that every Branch and Chapter to endeavor to send technical articles for the MER every month along with advertisement from the local vendors.

However, in order to have a substantial qualitative improvement in the MER and also to make the MER self sustaining, to improve the content of the journal, we have decided  to appoint Mr Sadanand as advisor  on a trial basis for a period of six months. Mr Sadanand a professional from the industry brings with him several years of marine journalism experience with him. I am sure that this initiative will give good result. Further, the role of the Editor shall not be diluted and he/she will have the overriding authority over the advisor.


Relationship with other  bodies ( our participation)


Mr Vijendra Jain, Vice President represented IME(I) in the International Conference and Technology Meet on Military and Marine Applications ( IWCEM 2017). Recently, I had a meeting with one of the official of National Institute for Research and Development in Defense Shipbuilding (NIRDESH); understand that they provide guidance and funding for research and development for the marine projects. Funding is upto the prototype under a MoU. I would like to encourage our members, who are in the training and in the industry to utilize the opportunity, encourage the students, faculty and engineers in the marine field for research and innovation work.


I attended the 29th National Convention of Marine Engineers at Tolani Maritime Institute, Induri.  IME (I) also was represented by  Mr Vijendra Jain, Vice President during the final passing out function of the 18th batch of the Graduate students and 14th batch of the Diploma holders.  During the Maritime day celebration at Goa, I chaired the session for the 2 papers presented on ten theme “Ease of Doing business in the Maritime Sector”.  


E voting  

During the 73rd GC, the matter of E voting was deliberated in length and it was approved in principle, with certain tasks to be completed prior seeking approval for the amendments in the operational rules & procedures (ORP).  We just heard the progress made so far, and I would like to especially thank Mr. V.K. Jain, Vice President who was entrusted with the task for developing a process and also amendments required in the ORP.  He has meticulously gone through each process, consulted the experts in the e- voting and has given a robust proposal for us to approve and implement.


Ladies and Gentlemen, the choices that each individual and organization make can collectively create a huge impact on the environment. When planning for our expansion of the building, green design has been taken into consideration. Our HGS Mr Uday Purohit has taken it as a challenge to make it an environmental compliance.   We look forward to completing the extension by March, 2017. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to the building fund. If you have not done so, I urge you to please contribute generously to the IME Building Fund.

In conclusion, I would like to thank GC members, Chairmen of the various sub-committees, faculty and staff at the head office, branches and chapters for their guidance and support during the last one year. I would also like to thank Vice President and of course HGS, for ensuring that the IME(I) work goes on as scheduled, even when we are thousand miles away from the head office.  

I will not do justice, if I do not acknowledge Mr Sethkar’s hard work. I found him very dedicated and courteous to the candidates.

Finally, your continued trust, encouragement, support and fair criticism based on facts are what give us energy, enthusiasm, confidence and motivation to strive for betterment.

Thank You

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