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Elections For IMEI Governing Council, Branch And Chapter Executive Committees For 2017-2019

Note: Nomination papers have been received by 15th March, 2017 and withdrawal date is over on 31st March, 2017.


a)    Printing of ballot papers to be completed by 5th May of every odd year.
b)    Posting of ballot papers to be completed by 15th May of every odd year.
c) Last date for receiving ballot papers at the Institute's office in Mumbai will be 1st August of every odd year. All ballot papers received are to be deposited in a sealed box which any member of the Institute shall be allowed to examine for effectiveness of the sealing arrangement. This box shall be available for examination by any paid up corporate member during 10.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs on institute working days. The ballot box can only be examined externally.

d.    A note will also be published below the schedule that any member whose ballot paper has not reached him (by 15th of June of odd year) should contact the Institute immediately and ask for a duplicate to be sent to him.
e)Last date for receiving ballot papers at the Institute’s office is 1st August of every odd year.

a.    Before conducting the election, all the eligible members will have to go through a registration process during which, they can opt for either e-voting or a paper based ballot system.
b.    This registration process shall run from 1st January of the odd year to the 31st March.
c.    The eVoting shall take place from 15th May to 1st August during every odd year.
d.    A reminder email/sms shall be sent to all members who have registered for eVoting by 15th June to inform them, about the commencement of the Election process and the need for them to contact the IMEI in case he has not received the link/communication for carrying out his eVoting.

There is a Election Officer/ Scrutinizer OFFICER APPOINTED by 33rd AGM held on 17th Sept, 2016 and a scrutinizing committee of three persons will be formed, who are to ensure that IME(I)’s ELECTIONS are as transparent as can be.

If any member has any questions/suggestions in this regard, they may contact the undersigned.

Election officer / Scrutiny Officer

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