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Elections For IMEI Governing Council, Branch And Chapter Executive Committees For 2017-2019

The elections for The Institute of Marine Engineers (India) are now going on. Accordingly, as required per our operating rules (ORP), kindly note the following schedule of the said elections.




1) Nomination papers have been received by 15th March, 2017 and withdrawal date is over on 31st     March, 2017.

2. Posting of ballot papers is completed by 15th May






a)   Last date for receiving ballot papers at the Institute's office in Mumbai will be 1st August. All ballot papers received are to be deposited in a sealed box which any member of the Institute shall be allowed to examine for effectiveness of the sealing arrangement. This box shall be available for examination by any paid up corporate member during 10.00 hrs to 11.00 hrs and 16.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs on institute working days. The ballot box can only be examined externally.

b)   A note informing members whose ballot papers have not reached them (by 15th of June) shall be published requesting them to contact the Institute immediately and ask for a duplicate to be sent.

c)   Last date for receiving ballot papers at the Institute’s office is 1st August.




a)  The e-Voting had started on 15th May and will be open till 1st August.

b)  An email containing the member ID and Password was sent to every member who has opted for e-voting before the commencement of the actual election on 15th May.

c)  A reminder email were sent to all members who have registered for e-Voting on 15th May, 15th June and  15th July to inform them, about the commencement of the Election process and the need for them to contact the IMEI in case he has not received the link/communication for carrying out his e-Voting.

d) As so many members are requesting to give a chance to opt for e-voting, a decision was made by election officer to extend the registration process for e-voting. Members were asked to opt for e-voting, if interested by 31st May 2017.

e) All the additional members opting for e-voting as above were provided with ID and password for e-voting

f) All members eligible for voting were sent emails from election officer on 16th July to remind them of ongoing elections and were requested to contact him immediately if they have any problem with the receipt of e-voting link or ballot paper as applicable.

g) Alternate email IDs were collected from around 65 members, who could not receive e-links due to either mails bouncing or server rejecting the emails.

h) E-voting links were delivered to around 25 nos. of e-voters, who had problems of mail bouncing.

i) Compilation of list of e-voters, who have not been able to retrieve the links, is in progress and e-link will be forwarded to them along with remaining 45 members as above, on 27th of July.


3. Counting of votes


a) The date of counting votes is fixed at 0930 hrs on 9th September 2017 (Saturday)

b) Those who want to witness the process of counting shall intimate the Institute at electionofficer@imare.in at least one week in advance i.e. by 2nd September so that arrangements can be made


The date of counting


If any member has any questions/suggestions in this regard, they may communicate to the email id below:



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