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The 11th session of knowledge sharing programme commenced at 10am on 22nd. Total of ----participants attended including faculty members, IMEI members, students of MEO & NCV Classes, in spite of heavy rains.

Mr Ajit Kumar, Training Supdt from Anglo Eastern Maritime Training Center, Andheri started the session explaining the basics of Refrigeration system like vapour compression & vapour absorption cycles, types of refrigerants, sub cooled liquid, saturated liquid & vapour, dry saturated and superheated vapours. He explained bubbling, boiling, dew points, PH charts, P-T charts, Thermostatic Expansion Valves, associated valves,  various controls, heat exchangers, evaporators, oil separators, driers, ref oils, AC control circuits, capacity controls, defrosting etc. These topics were covered in detail and the candidates interacted well with their explanations & queries.

Mr Ajit went on to explain Modern Ref & AC systems like microprocessor based dedicated controllers, PLC controllers, Types of Electronic Expansion valves like Siemens, Danfoss, stepper motor controlled types, open loop controls, duty cycle controls, sensors, Modern capacity control systems.

Mr Ajit was presented with our token of appreciation by way of a memento and same was handed over to him by Mr Dipak Raut of OERC.

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