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IME (I) KNOWLEDGE Sharing Session 18

IME (I) KNOWLEDGE Sharing Session 18

The Knowledge sharing Saturday session 17 was conducted at IME(I) House, Nerul on 20 January 2018.  The topic was “Effective Onboard Operations – Exploring Human Factors in regard to safety “.The session dealt with typical human aspects which have an impact on ship operations. The session began with a case study on a near emergency situation in the engine room, its analysis and a conclusion highlighting typical human errors. Audience was divided into several groups. Each group studied  the case and analyzed the entire incident as to what went wrong, reason for the same and what action  could have been taken to avoid the incident. Each group presented their views and speaker after making an assessment apprised all as to the right approach and what could have been done. The next part of the session explored human behavior related to team work, communication and leadership through a workshop session. Each group was asked to prioritize the need of various items provided by the speaker and after it was done by the groups same was compared with a expert’s bench mark and then based on that leadership quality was assessed by a comparable tabulated percentage/ percentile.

It was a very interactive session and the entire audience participated enthusiastically.

The session ended with a vote of thanks and as a token of appreciation a memento was presented to the  speaker  Mr. Pawan Kapoor by Mr. VK Jain our past Vice President.

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