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IMEI Elections 2019-2021 Notification





As a Corporate Member, you can now exercise your franchise at the forthcoming elections at IME(I) using the standard Ballot Paper or, alternately, opting for e-Voting.


  • Members who wish to opt for e-voting shall be required to indicate this choice via email.
  • Remaining members shall receive their paper ballot as usual.
  • The two options would be available for both elections i.e. for the Head Office as well at the Branch level.



Members who wish to opt for e-voting are required to indicate their option no later than 31 March 2019 via e-mail (Reply to: electionofficer@imare.in).


Registration for e-voting shall run from 01 January to 31 March 2019.

The e-voting option may not be available beyond the close date for registration.



Use of workplace / official mail ids.

Given that we have, in the past, had mass emails blocked at certain receiving (organization) mail domain(s), treated as spam and, in some cases the blacklisting of the IME(I) domain, we would strongly recommend the use of personal email ids, should you decide to opt for the e-voting option.

The use of your personal mail id would ensure that you do not miss any important communication relative to the election process.



--- Dr B K Saxena, Election Officer


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