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The  34th  AGM of IMEI was held at IMEI House, Nerul on 23rd September 2017. The AGM , which was scheduled to start at 1800 hrs, lacked the necessary quorum and was reconvened at 1830 hours. A total of 47 members participated.  

List of attendees:


Sr No




F 1860



F 9465



G 19826



F 4176



F 1158



F 8569



F 869



F 628



F 438



F 1340



F 6182



F 5874



F 2963



F 3558



F 2375



M 5712



F 381



F 1161



F 2600



F 2209



F 2674



F 4655



F 3750



G 23133



G 22358



F 3864



M 2014



AM 22980



A 19521



F 2247



F 708



F 4009



F 3716



F 5154



F 1264



F 3698



F 3416



M 1713



F 2712



F 967



F 2283



M 4685



M 19279



F 502



F 1176



F 302



F 3983



Agenda Item no. 1 :   Welcome address by the Chairman

The President Mr Dilip Mehrotra chaired the meeting and welcomed the gathering. Prior commencing proceedings, the gathering observed a one minute silence as a mark of respect for those who left us for their heavenly abode during the year.

President Mr Dilip Mehrotra requested HGS Mr. Udaykumar Purohit to start the proceedings.


Agenda Item no. 2 : To adopt the Minutes of 33rd AGM held on Saturday, 27th Aug, 2016 at IMEI House, Nerul , Navi Mumbai


The Honorary General Secretary, Mr Uday Purohit informed that the draft MoM of the 33rd  AGM were circulated on 24th Sept, 2017 and clarifications/comments sought till 08th Oct, 2016. The circulated minutes were accepted without any further comments/suggestions.  In view of there being no further queries, the circulated minutes were verified and approved. Following resolution was passed unanimously.



RESOLVED that the Minutes of the 33rd Annual general meeting held on Saturday, 27th Aug, 2016 and as circulated are hereby verified and approved.


Proposed by Mr Pankaj Redkar  and Seconded by Mr Tariq Mulla  


Agenda No. 3 : To adopt the Audited accounts for the period 01st April 2016 to 31st March, 2017

The audited accounts of the IMEI for the period 01.04.2016 to 31.03.2017 were presented by HGS and placed for discussion. The accounts were unanimously adopted as presented and the following resolution passed :



RESOLVED that the Audited Income and Expenditure Account for the Accounting year ended 31st March 2017 and Balance sheet as on 31st March 2017 with the Auditor’s Report is hereby adopted.

Proposed by Mr A. K. Gupta and Seconded by Mr Arunabha Kar


Agenda Item no. 4 : To Confirm appointment of Auditor with the same remuneration payable of Rs. 60000/- plus taxes for the financial year 2017-2018


RESOLVED that M/s Rajendra Trivedi be reappointed as Auditor for the Financial Year 2017-2018 at an Auditor's Fees of Rs. 60000/- plus Taxes.


Proposed by Mr K Krishnan and Seconded by Mr P K Biswas


Agenda item no. 5 : Governing Council Report for the period from 16th July 2016 to 15th July, 2017 :
The Governing Council Report for the period 16th July, 2016 to 15th July, 2017 was presented by the Honorary General Secretary.  He highlighted the salient points of the Report which detailed the activities of the Sub-committees and the various Branches during the previous year. The numerous initiatives which had been undertaken were appreciated.


Agenda item no. 6 : Information regarding the amendments / changes made in the Operational Rules and Procedures afer 33rd AGM  :


The information with respect to changes / amendments made in the Operational Rules and Procedures was presented.  


Agenda Item no. 7 Declaration of the “H.S. Rao Memorial Award” for the year 2016-2017


On behalf of the President, HGS announced the “H. S. Rao Memorial Award for the year 2016-17”. The article selected as the winner of this award for this year was “Inspecting Aging Ships for Corrosion” authored by Cdr. (Dr) Nitin Agarwala and published in MER November 2016.

A Certificate of appreciation was also awarded to Mr U S Kalghagii for his technical paper on “IGF Code Regime and LNG as Marine Fuel- impact on ship Design”published in the month of  May 2016.


Agenda item no. 8 : Declaration of the IMEI Lifetime Achievement Awards for 2016-2017.

The Institute for the first time recognized those members who have contributed significantly to the Institute and to the cause of promoting Marine Engineering by conferring upon them Lifetime Achievement Awards.

This year the jury received three nominations from three Branches and it was decided to award all the three nominees. Lifetime Achievement award winners for 2017 are Shri A.S. Tambwekar, Shri. C. Subrahmanyam and Late Shri R. L. Jain. Mr. A.S. Tambwekar collected the award in person, Mr. Laxmipathi Rao collected the award on behalf of C. Subrahmanyam and Shri R. L. Jain’s sister collected the award in his absence.


Agenda Item No 9 : Address of the President IME(I) :


On behalf of the Governing Council, it is my privilege to welcome you all to the 34th Annual General Meeting of our Institute of Marine Engineers (I). This annual meeting is an important event of the Institute as it is primarily meant to conduct the business for the consideration of the accounts, balance sheet, reports of the Council, appointments of Auditors and any other matter which the members may like to bring up during the meeting. I am thankful to you all for sparing your valuable time, and be with us this evening.

Ladies and Gentlemen before I embark to give the account of the happenings of the last year, it’s my duty as the President to present a consolidated   summary of the important things that has happened during the term of the present GC.Last two years have been a challenging years, and at the same time satisfying and enjoyable period.  

I would like to thank all our past Presidents, office bearers and members for laying down such a strong foundation for the IME, and building it into a premier institution mainly due to their hard work and participation and support to the administration and the industry at large.

During the 32nd AGM held on 26th September, 2015, I had shared my thoughts on the challenges facing the institute, and in particular how we aim to improve the delivery mechanism.

One of the issues was E Voting, and I am pleased to inform that in order to facilitate members out at seato participate in the election and also to reduce the paper work, e voting has beensuccessfully introduced.  I would like to thank Mr Vijendra Jain, Vice President and his team, for completing the task in time, with CDSL. Out of 3890 eligible members, 597 members opted for e voting, that works out to be 15.3%. I hope that by the time we prepare ourselves for the election in 2019 all members will opt for e voting, and will do away with the ballot papers. I would request members opting for e voting not to give official  mail ids, instead give their personnel email id.

Ladies and Gentlemen, the election of the new council and other office bearer are over and the names of the new GC will be announced shortly. I am thankful to Dr B.K. Saxena, and would like to put on record my appreciation, who inspite of his very busy schedule made several trips to HO, to ensure smooth conduct of the election. My thanks also to Mr M.B. Prasad and his team who participated in this work.

I would also like to put on record the hard work put in by Late Mr V.P Datar, for the initial preparation for the election. He had initiated the process of election including e- voting, which was carried forward by Dr B.K. Saxena.  

Before I proceed further, I would like to congratulate Mr. M. V. Ramamurthy, our senior member who was conferred “Award of Excellence” for his meritorious services to the maritime industry on the occasion of National Maritime Day on 05th April, 2017.

I would also like to congratulate Cdr. (Dr.) Nitin Agarwala winner of the H.S. Memorial award for the year 2016-17 for his paper on “ Inspecting ageing ships for corrosion” published in MER  Nov., 2016. Also, for certificate of appreciation to Mr Ulhas S. Kalghatgi for his technical paper on “IGF Code Regime and LNG as Marine Fuel - Impact on Ships Design, published in MER May 2016”

During the last AGM, I had announced that we are considering honouring members for their contribution to the IME (I). I am pleased to inform that the GC approved the guidelines framed by the members of the Sub-Committee and I would like to congratulate the winners Mr C. Subrahmanyam, Mr Achyut Tambwekar, and Late Shri R.L. Jain for their outstanding contribution to the marine fraternity.


The growth of any institution is related to the members and their participation in the activities.  However there has been no significant increase in our membership.  Due to our procedures some of the senior most Marine engineers are unable to become fellow members. We need to further deliberate on this issue.

Our focus should be to expand our membership growth and involvement of members in the institute activities. IME should also look at softer aspects such as nurturing enterprising young engineers, promoting the importance of safety, health and environmental consciousness among the marine engineering community.  

 Scholarships and financial support

The Institute continues to grant financial assistance to marine engineering students, Rs. 25000/- each given to 11 students during the 2016-17 financial year.  

For promoting Research Activities under the agesis of IME(I), it was decided that the Institute, will sponsor research activities in the Marine Engineering by its members. A budget of Rs. 20 lakhs per year has been allocated for the same. This sponsorship is also available to the students. All Maritime Institutes have been informed, however during the last two years; the institute has not received any application. I personally took up the matter with the various training institute, but unfortunately so far there has been no takers.  

Training and examination

As informed during the last AGM, MEO Class I preparatory course approval was granted by the Directorate General of Shipping, and the course is running satisfactory. I am informed that the passing percentage of the MEO Class 1 candidates who have undergone preparatory course at our IME is very encouraging. I would like to thank Mr Kar, Director  ( Training),  faculty, experts and visiting faculty for the same.

Goa Branch was approved for MEO Class II preparatory course, but due to non-availability of sufficient candidates, the course did not commence.

NCV candidates tab based examination is being conducted satisfactorily, and now detail proposal for conducting various F.G.(MEO) written examination on TAB, phased wise is submitted to D G Shipping for consideration. I would like to thank Mr Rajeev Nayyar and his team for timely implementation of the project, and his regular interaction with the Directorate on this subject.

Knowledge Sharing Sessions (Saturday Sessions)

My special thanks to Mr NMC Nair, Chairman of the Career Development Committee for taking keen interest to start the technical sessions on 3rd Saturday of each month. So far, we had already conducted 11 sessions on different topics.

These sessions are beneficial to the industry, students and the faculty of the institutes. I am sure the new GC and office bearers will continue this activity and urge the maritime institutes to nominate their faculty, especially in and around Navi Mumbai, to enhance their knowledge and keep them updated with the latest developments.


A meeting of the World Maritime Technology Congress was held 15 March 2017, hosted by IMarEST at their London headquarters.The theme of the WMTC 18 is “Innovation,Intelligence, Transformation and Development”. We need to give wide publicity for submission of papers, encourage students to submit papers, and we need to identify members/experts for preliminary review of the paper and also for chairing the sessions.The 6th World Maritime Technology Conference will be held from 4thto 7th December 2018 at Shanghai, China.

Branch Activities

 I would like to compliment the Chairmen of different branches and Chapters for their continued work for the institute.

 IME(I) Building

During the last AGM I had informed about the commencement of the construction of the 3rd floor. I am pleased to inform that we have been able to complete the construction work. I would have been happy,if  we had presented you today the building fully  completed , but due to some delay, the work will be completed by October, 2017. I would like to congratulate the Chairman Mr Sanjeev Ogale and his team and Mr Uday Purohit for the good progress made, and I am sure that the extension of the building will help the institute to grow further in achieving the Vision.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all who have contributed to the building fund. If you have not done so, I urge you to please contribute generously to the IME Building Fund.

Also, I would like to congratulate Shri Amit Bhatnagar for the excellent work he did during his tenure as Chairman of Vizag Branch. The branch office was inaugurated on 1st April, 2017.

Collaboration with the Maritime Administration

Apart from taking part as an external examiner in the orals, our members through their parent organization  are  contributing during the various meetings held at the Directorate either related to STCW,  MEPC, amendment of the MS Act, etc.

IME representative in the Indian delegation to IMO Meetings

On my taking over, I had initiated with the Administration to include IME members in the IMO shadow Committees. Even though there was contribution by the IME members in the STCW and MEPC Committee, but we were never part of the Indian delegation. I am happy to inform that this year Mr Rajeev Nayyar, represented IMEI in the Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping to present the Tab based examination at the IMO and Mr S.M. Rai in the Marine Environment Protection  Committee as part  of the Indian delegation. I hope that this will continue in future. We have been advertising in the MER for more young members to come forward, to take part in the shadow committee. It’s a good experience, and keeps one updated with the new requirements of the IMO. However, the response is not very encouraging, as only two members have come forward to volunteer themselves.

I on behalf of the institute would like to thank the Administration for giving us the opportunity and recognizing our potential to provide assistance in various areas.

Publication and IME Website

As you all are aware that the role of the Editor is very demanding, and the institute had appointed an advisor.  Apart from designing, he was tasked with   qualitative improvement in the MER and also to make the MER self-sustaining. Mr Sadanand did his best, and I am sure members have noticed the improvement in the MER. However, we were unable to bring down the expenses, due to not getting enough advertisement and also not many members opting for e copy. As such, we have discontinued with the services of the advisor and Mr Sunil Ahuja has been appointed as Journal Coordinator for MER  wef July 2017 in place of Mr Sadanand Subramanian. I would like to thank Mr Chitta Dash and his editorial board, Mr S.M. Rai the editor, for timely publishing of the MER,and Mr B.S. Mathur for his student section, it’s not an easy task.

Facilitation Centre

Currently FC at Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Kochi, Delhi, Pune, Vizag and Goa are fully functional, all required approval from DGS are in place.


In conclusion, I would like to thank GC members, Chairmen of the various sub-committees, faculty and staff at the head office, branches and chapters for their guidance and support during the last one year. I would also like to thank Vice President and of course HGS, for ensuring that the IME (I) work goes on as scheduled, even when we are away from the head office.  

I will not do justice, if I do not acknowledge Mr Shetkar’s hard work. I found him very dedicated and courteous to the candidates.

On behalf of the GC, I wish to convey my deep gratitude to all the members  of the institute for your continued support and trust. This motivates us to excel in all our pursuits.

I would like to thank Kirti, Mrs Mehrotra who always stood with me, right from day one till today. I am sure without her support I would not have been able to complete the task, as she provided all the support and encouragement.  

I would like to congratulate the new team and wish them all the best, to continue the good work.

Thank You




10. Announcement of the result of elections to the Governing Council for the term 2017-2019

 Dr B K Saxena Election Offcier Opening The Ballot Box 1000

Prior announcing the result the President conveyed his appreciation for Late Mr V . P Datar and Dr B. K. Saxena for completing the task of conduct of the election in a very commendable and efficient way as the “Election/ scrutinizing officer” and also acknowledged the team formed by them, who worked wonderfully under the guidance and completed this sensitive task in a very efficient manner. Thereafter announced the election results for the term 2017-2019 and read out the names of the new office Bearers as follows :


Mr C.V. Subba Rao - President

Mr Udaykumar Shivram Purohit - Vice President

Mr Pravin Kumar Kirolikar - Hon. General Secretary

Delhi Branch :

Chairman – Vacant

Vice Chairman - Govinder Kapoor- F 511

Hon. Secretary - Cdr. S.R. Limaye- AM 24545

Hon. Treasurer - Kapil Dev Ahuja - F 1427     

G C Member - S.P. Arora- F 1318

Executive Committee Member  - Raghavan Ramanujam - F 2803

Executive Committee Member  - Ravi Sachdeva   - F 839


Kolkata Branch


Chairman - Pradip Kumar Biswas - F 6182

Vice Chairman- Abhijit Banerjee - F 5748

Hon. Secretary - Alok Kumar Mitra - F 1038

Hon. Treasurer - Ranendra Kumar Das - F 8566

G C Member - Subimal Chakrabarti - F 1279

Executive Committee Member  - Gautam Sen - F 533

Executive Committee Member - A.K. Sarkar - F 4532


Mumbai Branch :


Chairman - Rajeev Nayyer - F 8569

Vice Chairman - V.K. Bhandari - F 9693

Hon. Secretary - Girish Sreeraman Thiruchirapalli  - M 24216

Hon. Treasurer - R. Ladha - F 381

G C Member - Y. Nath - F 2195

G C Member - Suneeti Bala - AM 5536

G C Member - Chitta Ranjan Dash- F 2375

Executive Committee Member  - Tarun Kumar - AM 15991

Executive Committee Member  - Upendra Kumar - F 7915

Executive Committee Member  - Ramamurthy Nety - F 2399

Executive Committee Member - Vikram Dingley - M 8523


Navi Mumbai Chapter

Chairman- Chitta Ranjan Dash - F 2375

Hon. Secretary - Vacant

Hon. Treasurer - Vacant

Executive Committee Member - Vacant

Executive Committee Member -Vacant


Visakhapatnam Branch :

Chairman - C. Sriramamurthy - F 1457

Vice Chairman- Vacant

Hon. Secretary - D.S. Anand - F 3679

Hon. Treasurer - Vijayananda Kumar Amara - F 1283

G C Member - V. Lakshmipati Rao - F 2963

Executive Committee Member  - Dr. V.V.S. Prasad - M 24940

Executive Committee Member  - M. Udaya Kumar - M 4343


Chennai Branch

Chairman - Kushal Roy - F 1001

Vice Chairman - P.K. Anil Kumar - F 3985

Hon. Secretary - B. Jayakumar - F 2377

Hon. Treasurer - V. Mathew - F 652

G C Member - K. Shankar - F 60

Executive Committee Member  - Dr. Ganapathy Suresh - A 4883

Executive Committee Member  - Ranjit Mohanty - F 1223


Goa Branch

Chairman - B.S. Mathur - F 628

Vice Chairman - A. A. Tambwekar - F 4009

Hon. Secretary - Surendra Naik - M 9967

Hon. Treasurer - D. Shringare - AM 4897

Executive Committee Member  - M. Mehdiratta - M 4750


Kochi Branch

Chairman - N.M.C. Nair - F 1821

Vice Chairman - N.B. Raghu - F 1593

Hon. Secretary - Mathew Koshy - F 1954

Hon. Treasurer - Dipak Mohan - F 4658

G C Member - K. Krishnan - F 1456

Executive Committee Member - E.K. Subramanian - M 1596

Executive Committee Member - Sonney K. Joseph - M 7927


Karnataka Chapter :

Chairman - T. Narayana - F 1032

Hon. Secretary- Amitabh Bhargava - F 1268

Hon. Treasurer -  Keshava Rao - M 17244

Executive Committee Member -  Pavithran Alokkan - F 16691


Pune Branch :

Chairman- Sanjeev Ogale - F 3346

Vice Chairman- Anil Bhat - M 1934

Hon. Secretary- Rahul Nakhare - M 12533

Hon. Treasurer- Mohan Joshi - M 4775

Executive Committee Member - Vacant


Agenda item No. 11 - Address of the President ( elect)




President, Shri Dilip Mehrotra, Vice President, Shri Vijendra Jain, Hon Gen Secretary, Shri Uday Purohit, Past President & Election Officer, Dr. B K Saxena, Hon Editor MER, Shri S M Rai, outstandingly diligent Members of the Governing Council, Chairmen, office bearers & staff of this Institute’s Branches and Chapters, Honorable Past Presidents, Past Vice Presidents, Past Hon General Secretaries and Distinguished Members of this august body;


At the outset, I must congratulate Shri Mehrotra for guiding this Institute during the last two years, with equanimity and empowerment within the rank and file. The HGS has openly admitted that, but for the freedom he has been given, as HGS he would not have been able to operate with such efficiency. I would like to emulate this trait of Shri Mehrotra.


The Institute has always been blessed with a host of people who have worked hard, voluntarily, to take its goals forward. It is my duty to thank all of them, before I lay out my objectives.


I have two years in the Chair, so I propose “TARGET 2020”, built around the three pillars:


  1. Learning
  2. Technology
  3. Disruption



Our institutions are seats of education and knowledge. Yet, we remain skeptical of the quality of the people who graduate from them. My view is we are more focussed on setting up schools than focussing on learning. If we focus on schooling for learning, and learning for a vocation, our entire approach would change. Could you identify the key metric here? Is it the curriculum, the admission process or the faculty that is affecting quality? Let me put this unequivocally. If the institute focuses on the quality of its faculty, it would have the courage to set up a good curriculum and a rigorous admission process. We cannot deny that in most places we are short of good faculty. Faculty must be encouraged to obtain suitable qualification to be fit to teach.


We need to address this, NOW! When India first set up the IITs, NITs and other engineering colleges of repute, we did not have good quality faculty. India set up TEQIP (Technical Education Quality Improvement Program) with World Bank Assistance. We had to borrow teachers from overseas destinations. Today, we are in the midst of MEQIP (Maritime Education Quality Improvement Program), and we need to fast track this to improve the quality of faculty.



Technology is evolving by the day. Is our curriculum, the faculty and the examiners for the competency examinations in line with the modern day ship operation? Today,with a host of factors such as UMS (Unmanned Machinery Spaces), TBO (Time between Overhauls), CBO (Condition based overhaul), PMS and AMC (Annual Maintenance Contracts - by authorized service vendors), the engineer of today is less hands-on, unlike in the past, when breakdowns were frequent and equipment less reliable. One could recall with great pride of such yesteryear skills, but I would wager that the business world certainly appreciates the greater efficiency of the day. I would like IMEI to work with DG Shipping to interface technology into the process of Competency certification, involve more of simulator based exercises and on line assignments, and less of viva voce. Let us limit subjectivity in evaluation, while pinning our focus on learning.


Disruption is a game changing process of thought or action, by design or chance, seen in the initial stages as an idea which won’t work, but evolves so rapidly against the grain of contemporary logic that it leaves a trail of obsolescence in its wake. In the process, it gives rise to operational efficiency.


IMEI must prepare for disruption of its environment and assist its fraternity.Let me explain:


  • People
  1. Bright young people are not interested in a sea career, more so, engineering. In addition, akin to IT, graduate marine engineers may find their employment prospects diminishing even further (after spending huge amounts on their education), as their skills would be seen unacceptable by the industry.
  2. At a senior level, the engineers on ships and ashore could find skills short of the mark, impacting their employability too, as technology outguns their prospects.The domino effect could see better quality students ignoring the field, thus making many institutions unviable.


We need to reverse the trend, we need to make learning enticing, enriching and suitable to the trade. In due time, this would protect jobs. We would also need reskilling into versatile roles, integrated with technology, look at alternative avenues, if possible, into modern day industries ranging from wind turbines, solar or other such sectors.


  • Administration

We have a few issues to address within the house that have been riding over the past six years. A building issue at Cochin, the Maritime museum here, and the HO finances. FD or interest rates could fall, the government will go the e-governance way, so windows like the Facilitation Centre could close someday. Our costs would rise as this building needs maintenance, apart from a safety audit, if I guessed right. I feel we need to look at other sources of revenue, other than the generous contributions to the building fund.


I feel we must bring the Corporates into our fold.We need to acknowledge their contribution to the growth of the IMEI. They have contributed to our forums and have permitted their executives to work for the body. In short, they have spared money and time. We could surely honour their promoters with a Hon Fellowship of the IMEI.


Ladies and Gentlemen, we need to disrupt our profile of leadership and the way we think and act. I count on your support and ideas to fast track my strategy built around the three pillars.


As I conclude, I congratulate the Vice President (Elect), Mr. Uday Purohit and HGS (elect) Mr. Pravin Kirolikar on their election. I offer my heartiest congratulations to all the newly elected members to the Governing Council and the office bearers across all the Branches and Chapters.


I pray that the Heavens’ choicest blessings be showered on the Chennai branch as they prepare for their mega event, World Shipping Forum 2017.  


I wish you all and your families a very happy festive season ahead, and a wonderful 2018.


Thank you

Jai Hind




Agenda item no. 12 : Any other matter with the prior permission of the Chair:


The General body was informed of the selection of the jury by the Governing Council to decide the Lifetime Achievement award winners for next year. The jury comprises of the President, the Hon. Gen. Secretary, Dr. B. K. Saxena, Shri Arun Kumar Gupta, Shri S. Vakil and Shri P. Jairaj Kuma.  

The officer bearers were seeking an opinion from the General body about a proposal to seek financial support from Corporates for our building. It was suggested by the HGS that IMEI could install a plaque or name a classroom to recognise substantial contributions from Corporates. Mr. Arun Kumar Gupta, endorsed the suggestion saying that it was a step in the right direction and it would help IMEI immensely.

Mr. Kalghatgi was also of the similar opinion. He gave examples of various institutions which had a similar approach. There was no adverse remark to this suggestion and therefore, it was recorded that the General Body had approved the suggestion and further action would be deliberated upon by the Governing Council.


Agenda item No 13. Vote of thanks

The AGM concluded with vote of thanks given by Shri V.K. Jain, Vice President.  


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