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WMTC - World Maritime Technology Conference - November 2015, USA

WMTC is an international conference conducted once every 3 years wherein the hosts comprise professional bodies from all over the world, The Institute of Marine Engineers India (IMEI) being one of them. WMTC 2009 was hosted under the aegis of IMEI in Mumbai, at which time our Mr. K R Sachar, one of our distinguished Fellows and Past Chairman (Mumbai branch) was the Convenor.


The next WMTC is scheduled to be held in Rhode Island, USA in November 2015, under the aegis of SNAME, where IMEI will take an active part. Of the many sessions, IMEI will be Session Organizer (along with IMarEST) for the topic, "Coatings and Corrosion".


IMEI has nominated Mr. Ranjit Singh of Essar to be our representative for the chosen topic. In addition, Mr. C P K Kashyap, Mr. A K Sahu and Mr. A Pharikal have graciously accepted to support Mr. Singh on the abstracts / paper reviews.


Mr. Ranjit Singh's details are given below:


Mr. Ranjit Singh - Chief Technical Officer, ESSAR Shipping Limited, Mumbai

Contact details: Email: Ranjit.Singh@essar.com, Mobile: +91 98197 31472

Following are the other members of the team, who are designated to support Mr. Singh:

Mr. C P K Kashyap - President - Operations - Sanmar Shipping Limited, Chennai

Mr. A K Sahu - General Manager - Technical - The Great Eastern Shipping Co. Ltd., Mumbai

Mr. Asit Pharikal - General Manager - Technical - India Steamship, Kolkata

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