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  • Competency Courses

i. MEO Class I - (2months Preparatory Course) - Course Id- 3231


ii.MEO Class II - (4months Preparatory Course) - Course Id- 3211


iii. MEO Class III (NCV-CEO) - (2months Preparatory Course) – 3232


iv. MEO Class III (NCV-SEO) Part A - (2months Preparatory Course) - Course Id-3212


v. MEO Class III (NCV-SEO) Part B - (4months Preparatory Course) -Course Id- 3213


vi. MEO Class IV (NCV)  - (4months Preparatory Course) - Course Id-3112


  • Modular Courses

vii. Diesel Engine Gas Combustion Simulator for MEO Class I (ERS I) - 3 days - Course Id- 3241


viii. Engine Room Simulator Management Level for MEO Class II (ERS II) - 5 days - Course Id- 3221


 ix. Engine Room Simulator Operational Level for MEO Class II (ERS IV) - 3 days - Course Id- 3121


ix. Refresher Updating Training Course for all Engineers (RUCE )- 3days - Course ID – 1118


x. Basic Training for Ships using Fuels covered within IGF code Course I-(5 Days) - Course Id-5311  


xi. Advanced Trg. for Ships using Fuels covered within IGF code- (6 Days) - Course Id – 5312  


xii. Assessment, Examination and Certification of Seafarers - (12 Days)- Course Id – 1062 


  • Value added Courses
  1. Electronic Engine Familiarization Course (ME-Type Engine) – 3 days Course (Online)

  2. Familiarisation Training Course For Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) Tanker Operations (Online)

  • Course Schedule

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