Increase in Wages and Terms / Conditions on NUSI Norwegian Agreements

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Increase in Wages and Terms / Conditions on NUSI Norwegian Agreements

You are aware that due to Covid, there is an economic recession worldwide which has also affected shipping. Despite this challenge, since December 2020, National Union of Seafarers of India (NUSI) has negotiated many agreements for upward revisions of terms and conditions on Indian and foreign flag ships benefitting thousands of our seafarers and their family members.

NUSI is now pleased to inform you that in the negotiations held on 12th January, 2022, the NUSI Norwegian agreements has been revised upwards for one year. All ranks of ratings and petty officers will receive the following effective 1st January, 2022 till 31st December, 2022.

Salient Features of NUSI Norwegian Agreement

  • Basic Wage for all ranks of seafarers have been increased by 3 per cent.
  • Wage related items like overtime, leave, tanker bonus have also been increased.
  • Tank Cleaning increased to US$ 65/-, Scavenge = US$ 20/- Boiler = US$ 65/-.
  • Provident Fund amount has increased for all ranks.
  • The Additional Voluntary Contribution will continue to be deposited.
  • Gratuity amount has increased for all ranks.
  • “Diwali” and “Ramzan Eid” holidays has been included for first time.
  • Death compensation has been increased to US Dollar 1,00,500/-. Additional Compensation for child has been increased to US Dollar 18,500/-.
  • Disability compensation has been increased to US Dollar 98,000/-.
  • Employment to Ratings with COC as Officers has been taken up strongly and NUSI will bear all costs of skill enhancement and other training of such ratings.
  • No pregnancy testing shall be allowed for pre-employment medical.
  • In case of captivity due to piracy or armed robbery, all benefits of seafarers will continue.
  • Women seafarers are covered for maternity benefits as agreed.

NUSI members and their families are very happy about the developments and the strong work done by NUSI. All this was possible because of your active and strong support and we will continue to improve upon these conditions in the near future.  You are aware that your NUSI has always been fighting to get the best working conditions for our seafarers.  Be a proud NUSI member and watch out for another great initiative from NUSI soon.

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,
(Abdulgani Y. Serang)
General Secretary -cum-Treasurer
Executive Board Member – ITF
Vice Chair, ITF Seafarers Section – Asia Pacific Region
Vice Chair, ITF Asia Pacific Region