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80th GC Meeting Overview

80th Governing Council Meeting at Kolkata


 The 80th GC Meeting of the Institute was held on 02 and 03 February 2019 at the Hotel Radisson   Kolkata Ballygunge.

 The President, Mr. C V Subba Rao, who chaired the meeting, welcomed all the GC   members. 


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Prior to commencing the proceedings, the President requested the Members to observe a one-minute silence as a mark of respect and prayer for Members who had passed away during the period since the last GC meeting, namely Mr. Anil Soman , Mr. P C Jain, Mr. C P Gopinath, Mr. B K Biswas & Mr. R C Bansal.

He acknowledged the stellar work of Mumbai Branch Chairman, Office Bearers of the Mumbai Branch, INMARCO Chairman and its Committee Members for the great success of the event. Rich compliments were also paid by other GC members.

Feedback from supporting organisations, exhibitors, advertisers et al were also discussed by GC members and the outcomes duly noted for the future IME(I) seminars conferences.

The previously circulated Agenda was adopted by the GC.

The Chairmen of the various Subcommittees and Branches presented, for discussion, their activity report/s ATR (Action Taken Reports) and their financials (actual operational figures vis-à-vis that budgeted for the period July – December 2018). 




A status update of issues closed and those pending were discussed, and the GC updated with the various activities underway and those proposed.

At this meeting every Sub Committee presented its revenue and expenditure budget proposals for the fiscal 2019 – 2020. The ALFSC Chairperson, presented a consolidated budget to the GC for their approval. Necessary budget approvals were obtained during this GC.




5 in number Resolutions were proposed and accepted during this GC Meeting. 

The Agenda for the GC Meeting, which usually addresses matters of governance also included discussions around the remodeling of the class rooms in line with the new DGS requirements for class room sizes based on batch sizes.  

It was reported that the Institutes’ Full Mission Engine Room Simulator was expected to be commissioned by the first week of March 2019. 

Other salient points discussed included the feasibility of installing facilities to broadcast live video streaming facilities at the Branches such that a larger audience benefits from say a technical session at one location; the matter of patenting the IME(I), INMARCO and GLOMARS logos; Vishakhapatnam  Branch office and training centre construction work & Goa Branch extensions et al.







Other important issues taken up were a discussion on the sale of the IMEI owned property at Kochi; the activities of the Examination and Certification services, improvements to the IME(I)website; digitization of the Membership Services and making this available online


Also provided was a status update of our current and continuing financial assistance provided via the IME(I) Benevolence Fund. A meeting of Benevolence Fund Committee was convened to hear, progress and decide on the continuance of assistance.

The meeting ended with a vote of thanks to the Chair.




A copy of the MoM of this GC meeting will be available at the Members Portal of the IME(I) website subsequent to its approval by the GC Members.


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