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Books Published by the Institute.


1.  Marine Machineries          Marine Machineries  


By T.B. Srinivasan

Second Edition
Price Rs 450/-
Price for Members Rs. 400/-
Price for students Rs. 350/-
Postage charges in India Rs 60/-


2.  Safety of Ships and Marine Environment Protection


By A.S.Tambwekar 

Fourth Edition 
Price Rs. - 400/- 
(Discount for Members 10%)
Postage charges in India Rs. 60/-

  Safety of ships

3.   Introduction to Practical Marine Engineering (Two Volumes) Indian Edition 

List Price (per set) Rs. - 700/-
Price for Members Rs. - 600/-
Price for Student Members Rs. - 500/-
Bulk Orders of 25 or more copies at Rs. - 450/- per copy          
(Postage charges extra)
Prices for Indian residents only.
Postage charges in India Rs 60/-

        Practical Marine


4.  Auditing the ISM - A Guide for ISM Auditors 


By Ajoy Chatterjee

Third Edition 
Price Rs. - 1200 (Members Rs.- 1100)
Postage charges in India Rs. - 60/- 


Auditing The ISM
5. Energy Efficiency and Ships 


By Indra Nath Bose

First Edition. - 
Price: Rs 800/-
Price or Members: Rs. 700/-
Postage charges in India Rs 60/- 




Energy Efficiency
6.   Strength of Ships and Ocean Structures 


By Professor Alaa Mansoor and Donald Liu

First edition
Price Rs. 425/-
Price for Members Rs. 375/-
Price for students Rs. 300/-

Postage charges in India Rs 60/- 


SSOS Cover
7.  The Process of Ship Building                                                                                                                                                   

By Rajesh Singh  

First Edition 

Price Rs 900
Price for Members Rs. 800
Postage charges in India Rs 60/-

8.  Corporate Transformation Without Tears 


By Dr. L.R.Chary

List price Rs 150/.
Members Rs 135/-
Bulk Order Rs 105/-
(on order of 25 or more)
Postage charges in India Rs 60/-  




9. Naval Architecture and Ship Construction

By A. S. Tambwekar
List price Rs 400/.
Members Rs 350/-
Postage charges in India Rs 60/-                                
Naval Architecture And Ship Construction
10. MER (I) Archives Now on CD

Inaugural issue
September 1980 Rs. 300
1982-2006 - Rs. 250 per year.
Cost of the full set
for 26 years CDs Rs. 5000/-
(Price inclusive of postage within India)
sale price postage charges in India Rs 60/-                         
and abroad Rs 600/- 


11.  Guide to Data Collection System Reduction

of CHG Emission from Ships 


By Indra Nath Bose

List price – Rs. 600

Price for Members – Rs. 500


Guide To Data Collection (1)



12.  Boilers for Motor Ships 


By A.K. Ramanujan

List price- Rs. 500

Price for Members- Rs. 400

Boilers For Motor Ships




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