The Chennai Branch Conducted its first Technical seminar online on 25th November 2021 after the new Committees had taken charge. It was well attended by Marine Engineers from different parts of the country. President Mr. V. K. Jain graced the occasion.  

Mr. Kannan, Hon. Secretary, commenced the proceedings with a warm welcome to all.

Mr. Sanjeev Vakil, Chairman, Chennai Branch took the opportunity to introduce the newly elected members of the EC Committee. Then President Mr. V. K. Jain spoke on the efforts and directions that IME(I) is expected to take in the next few years, actions taken so far to achieve the set objectives and promised some very exciting times in the future.

EC Member Mr. Ramesh Subramanian introduced the Guest speaker, Mr. Ramesh Rao who then made a powerful presentation, rendering full justice to the topic RELIABILITY of OPERATIONS and RELIABILITY of PERFORMANCE.

He highlighted that ‘Preventive Maintenance’, which is widely followed in the industry was in fact the LOWEST and most ineffective form of Asset Management. He elaborated that deviations in performances, which trigger us to carry out maintenance jobs, are in fact recognised only when the equipment has deteriorated substantially and is almost on the verge of catastrophic failure. He explained the ‘journey of failure’ and the classic PF curve.

He explained how traditional planned maintenance missed out on the opportunities and how failures could have been predicted much earlier by using advanced techniques such as Ultrasonic measurements, Thermal imagery, ECS, Vibrations, elemental analysis of Lub oil etc. He also underlined the limitation of human beings in diagnostics and justified the use of proactive and advanced techniques for enhanced Asset Management. He stressed on the importance of capturing the SIGNATURES of the machineries at the POINT of INSTALLATION (i.e., while building the ship).

The presentation was followed by a Q & A session, moderated by Mr. Suresh Shenoi, Vice Chairman.

Mr. Kannan, Hon Secretary, proposed the vote of thanks.

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