The tenth edition of INMARCO (International Maritime Conference & Exhibition) was organized by the IMEI – Mumbai Branch between the 1st and 3rd Nov 2018 at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai, India.

The theme of INMARCO 2018 was ‘Maritime Sector – Charting New Course’. The theme was set considering the current challenging market scenario faced by the Maritime Industry and necessity for the Maritime Industry to embrace disruptive technologies and come out with optimal solutions towards meeting the new regulatory challenges.


The Conference was inaugurated by Shri. Mansukh Mandaviya (Union Minister of State for Shipping) in the presence of Dr. Malini Shankar (Director General of Shipping), Capt. Anoop Sharma (President of INSA and CMD of SCI) and other Distinguished Dignitaries from the Maritime Industry.

Dr. Malini Shankar in her speech highlighted that Shipping in general had never faced such turbulent times as it is facing today with Ship Owners being forced to reduce Operational costs due to a tough Economic downturn on one hand and increasing environmental regulations such as Sulphur cap 2020 and Ballast water convention adding to further challenges.

The Hon’ble Minister spoke about challenges facing the industry. He explained about the targets set by the Govt. of India and described the importance and lead taken by the government to improve the overall infrastructure scenario in the country. With the unique position of having both a vast coastline and strategic location on the busiest sea lanes in the world, the Indian Government is focusing to encash with development of repair Yards at strategic locations on the coast.

The Hon. Minister inaugurated the ‘Swacch Sagar’ – Online Port Reception Facility Portal, jointly developed by The Director General of Shipping and The Indian Register of Shipping.

Mr. B. R. Shekhar (Chief Surveyor to Govt. of India) briefly explained the working of the ‘Swachh Sagar’ Portal to the Audience.

The INMARCO 2018 Souvenir was jointly released by the Hon. Minister and the Guests of Honor.

This was followed by the address of Capt. Anoop Sharma (Guest of Honor). Capt. Sharma in his speech explained that INSA is looking forward to guidance from IMEI and INMARCO on the upcoming 2020 Sox regulations.

Mr. Arun Sharma (Chairman of INMARCO Advisory Board) in his address thanked the Ministry of Shipping and other Stakeholders towards the support to IMEI towards INMARCO over the years. Mr. Sharma briefly touched various subjects that would be discussed over the 2 days of Technical Papers and Panel discussions of INMARCO.

Mr. C. V. Subba Rao (President of IMEI) highlighted in his address on the importance of Seafarers being trained with the intent to continuously adapt to technological changes. 

Finally Mr. S. M. Rai (Chairman of INMARCO Organising Committee) concluded the inaugural session with a Vote of thanks to all the Organising Committee members for their hard work towards INMARCO 2018 and also all the Distinguished Guests.

Over the next 2 Days, twenty four Technical papers were presented and Panel discussions held on different topics. 

Student’s Session – First time in INMARCO

INMARCO 2018 for the first time had a separate Student’s session to encourage budding Marine Engineers. The top six shortlisted Student Technical papers from various Maritime Colleges were presented during the session.

On the 2nd day, Swami Sukhabodhananda gave a motivational speech to all the present audience and which was appreciated by all.  

INMARCO 2018 ended with a Net-working dinner for the Marine fraternity.