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The future growth of the Institute of Marine Engineers (India) to achieve the status of a leading professional body in the international arena depends on a large extent on the younger generation of Marine Engineers.

Students studying to become Marine Engineers at any Institute approved by the Director General of Shipping for conducting pre-sea training, will be admitted as a Student Member of the Institute of Marine Engineers (India) at a special entrance fee of Rs. 500/- only + Rs 100/- processing fees.

This is subject to their application for membership being recommended by the Institute where they are under training and Student Membership thus granted will be limited for the period of their studentship. This means that after the student complete their course, the Student Member should apply for transfer to the next grade of membership as per the Institute’s Memorandum and Articles of Association.

As a special drive to enroll more members, students completing the course and opting for upgrading themselves to Graduate will be given an opportunity to become Graduate member of the Institute by paying a nominal fees of Rs 1000/- only (membership is limited upto period of 5 years only, after this period the membership shall lapse, unless renewed) and a special gift pack. 

Members associated with pre-sea training Institutes are requested to bring this to the notice of the Cadets.