Goa Technical Presentations and AGM

IME(I) Goa conducted two technical presentaions in July and August months respectively. It also had branch AGM on 3rd August 2019. 

1. On 15th July 2019, the branch carried out a technical presentation on the topic SHIP AS A DIGITAL ENTERPRISE.” It was presented by Dr. Piyush Raj, who is is a marine engineering graduate from DMET, Kolkata and a Doctorate in operational research from IIM Lucknow with maritime operations as his key research area.  He is Director- Product management and heads the product development team at AlphaOri Technologies, a technology start up, headquartered in Singapore. They are working towards transforming the multi trillion maritime industry to operate as a Digital Enterprise.  

In his presentation Dr. Raj explained how with the help of latest technology, all the information of happening in Engine Room and Bridge can be made available on line in the office of the shipping company. Also how the technology can help in fault finding of a running machinery, even going to the extent of telling which part of the machinery is malfunctioning and where the required part is stored on the ship. It was a very informative presentation well appreciated by the members who attended the presentation.

2. On 14th August 2019, Capt. Shoukat Mukherjee made a presentation on “Leading in a World of Disruption.”

In his presentation he talked about How disruption affects people, What are the challenges in an intelligent organization, and the necessity to innovate. He also explained various characters of disruption, like how it makes things simpler and easier, what I need to do 5 years from now that I will have to start today.

Some of the examples of possible effects of disruption in Maritime Industry:

Non Marine Staff navigating the ships.

No crewing office. Crewing done through AMAZON on line.

No surveys or Inspections etc.

Capt. Mukherjee started his marine career as a cadet with Wallem Ship Management in the year 1993. He rose to the rank of Master Mariner in GESCO in 2008 and later shifted ashore permanently in 2010. Over the years he has helped senior professionals to think out of the box and create solutions through disruptive thinking and cutting-edge communication.

A thought provoking presentation appreciated by the Members including Student members who attended in large numbers.

3. AGM OF GOA BRANCH was held on 3rd August 2019 at 7.30 pm at IMEI House.

Large number of corporate members attended. AGM was followed by a contributory dinner for the members and the families.

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