Knowledge Sharing Saturday Session 35

Knowledge Sharing Saturday Session 35 was held on 16th November 2019. Ms. Ritu Chaudhri Managing Director Enmarol Petroleum Pvt Ltd. India  spoke about the fuel options available to charterers and owners once the new regulations on Sulphur limits of 0.5 % worldwide excluding the existing SECA come into effect on 1st January 2020. 

In an intensive, interactive presentation aptly named “Howdy 2020” Ms. Chaudhri explained the how and why of the evolution of ISO 8217:2017 and its applicability to VLSFO oils.

In the approximately 15 months of testing and operational experience with VLSFO the main challenge that had emerged was the stability of the fuel as denoted by the RSN test (Relative Stability Number). A test not normally required to be done under the ISO 8217 regime. VLSFO fuels were quite likely to come with a “Use by date” because of these stability issues. Related to this were the compatibility issues especially if paraffinic and aromatic fuels were mixed. She highlighted the fact that two stable fuels may not necessarily be compatible.

While traditionally the important  parameters which have been deemed significant have been Viscosity, Sulphur content, Catfines, TSP (Total sediment potential) and CCAI number, the focus in the new fuels to be used post 2020 will shift to RSN, Lubricity , Pour point(as an indication of CFPP – cold filter plug point) and percentage of Bio-fuels (which influences the FAME content). 

On behalf of IMEI we thank Ms.  Chaudhri for creating an awareness among our student members about the on board challenges they are likely to encounter in the use of VLSFO & ULSMGO.

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